Using Yetto

After you set up Yetto in your GitHub repository, you can manage your support tickets and work with your customers using GitHub's extensive collaboration and project management features.

Labeling issues

Yetto adds a Yetto label to each issue to help you filter through issues opened by the app. You can add other labels to categorize tickets as feature requests or bugs, or for different products that your team supports.

Searching issues

Use GitHub's powerful search syntax to find tickets based on your labels, assignments, email subject line, and body text.

Commenting on issues

Have internal discussions with team members who have access to your support repository, and send comments to external users with an explicit command using Yetto's email integration.

Mentioning others in issues

To get input on a user's problem from a specific teammate, use GitHub mentions to send them a notification.

Assigning issues

Use GitHub assignments to assign support tickets to specific teammates, letting you triage your queue and keep track of who is responsible for responding to your users.

Cross-referencing issues

You can cross-reference a GitHub issue with other issues and pull requests to tell teammates about related problems or that a ticket will be impacted by work happening elsewhere.