Updating a Repository Email From Name

Yetto provides a From name for each repository that you have connected to the Yetto app. You can change the From name on the Repository Settings page at any time.

From your GitHub issue comments, Yetto creates and sends emails to your users from an [account] via Yetto <[repo]@[account].yettoapp.com> email address. For example, if you send emails from the support repository in your Company GitHub account, Yetto will send them from Company via Yetto <support@Company.yettoapp.com>, where Company via Yetto is the From name.

  1. Go to the Yetto Settings page.
  2. On the Settings page, click Repository Settings.
  3. Scroll to the section for the applicable repository. In the "Email From Name" field, type the new email From name for this repository.
  4. Click Update.