Searching Issues

The issue search functionality in GitHub helps to give individual support requests more context. The ability to narrow searches to individual components (labels, subject, assignee, etc.) allows you to see how issues are related to each other. Here are some ways that can be used for support workflows:

Search by user

All issues opened by Yetto include the sender's email address and a search link to find all other messages from that sender. This will give you a view into the issues and questions this user has had over time, which can often help put their current problem in context.

The search link creates a GitHub issue search for you. It will look like this:

repo:{username}/{repository} label:Yetto 'Sender: {user address}'

For example:

repo:MyAccount/MyRepo label:Yetto 'Sender:'

You can modify this search using any of GitHub's search features.

Search by assignee

If your workflow involves assigning tickets to yourself and your team members, it is often helpful to look through your personal queue a few times a day. This search will let you do that:

repo:{username}/{repository} assignee:{your username} label:'Yetto' is:open

This is especially useful at the start of the day to see if any users have followed-up on your replies, or to see if any internal comments have been responded to.

Search by mention

When working with a team, it is common for people to @ mention each other. We'll discuss this feature in more detail in another article. For now, if you want to see all of the open tickets in which you've been mentioned, you can use this:

repo:{username}/{repository} mentions:{your username} -assignee:{your username} label:'Yetto' is:open

This search uses -assignee:{your username} to exclude issues to which you are assigned, because you are likely going through those separately and frequently.

Search by other labels

As discussed in the previous section, labels are useful for categorizing issues and streamlining workflows. If you have been labeling issues by category and product, searches like this allow you to focus on a specific task:

repo:{username}/{repository} label:'{category}' label:'{product}' label:'Yetto' is:open

For example, this search may let you focus on all problems that people have encounted with your product's user interface:

repo:my_account/my_repository label:'PROBLEM' label:'UI' label:'Yetto' is:open