Parent issues

It can be helpful to have a single tracking issue which acts as a "parent" issue to other tickets. What if you could close that parent issue, and have it automatically reply to every issue deemed a "child" or "sub-issue"?

Now, you can! To enable this workflow, you must first create a configuration file, if it does not already exist. In your .github directory, create a file called yetto.config.yml, and paste the following lines:

  - on_label_parent: big-bad-boom
    for_label_child: child_of_big-bad-boom
    create_comment: |
      Hey there, just letting you know we fixed this problem.

      Thanks so much.


close_child_issues is the top-level category for the action, and it contains the following options:

  • on_label_parent specifies the label of the parent issue to watch for.
  • for_label_child specifies the label for all the child issues.
  • create_comment defines the automatic text to post as a comment.

To make use of this workflow, you should manually create a single issue, and tag it with your predefined label; in this case, big-bad-boom. Then, label any incoming issue with the shared problem as child_of_big-bad-boom. When the issue is completely resolved, you can close the manual issue you created with the label big-bad-boom, and all the subsequent child issues will have the create_comment emailed to them. The child issues will also automatically close.