Custom commands

With the following workflow, you can define a custom command to create an issue comment with some predefined text to call in a colleague.

To enable this workflow, you must first create a configuration file, if it does not already exist. In your .github directory, create a file called yetto.config.yml, and paste the following lines:

  - on_phrase: "[/ping on-call]"
    create_comment: |
      @SkaLover95, this is your area of expertise, right? Can you help out?

custom_command is the top-level category for the action, and it contains the following options:

  • on_phrase is a string of text to listen to. Every issue comment that ends with this text will be considered actionable.
  • create_comment defines the automatic text to post as a comment.

When you finish a comment with the text [/ping on-call], the create_comment string you wrote will be automatically pasted as a comment, allowing you to save time hunting for who to bring in. Note that since this must be the last line of text in a comment, you can't provide more than one custom command per comment.