Automated replies

Although GitHub has a feature for saved replies, these are kept on an individual's account, and sharing a common message amongst a team can be difficult to synchronize. However, through GitHub Actions, we've implemented a scenario where, upon applying a label to an issue, you can reply to an issue with a standard body of text.

To enable this workflow, you must first create a configuration file, if it does not already exist. In your .github directory, create a file called yetto.config.yml, and paste the following lines:

  - on_label: not-this-product
    create_comment: |
      Hello there,

      Thanks for writing in, but unfortunately, we can't help you with your query.


auto_response is the top-level category for the action, and it contains the following options:

  • on_label specifies the label to react to.
  • create_comment defines the automatic text to post as a comment.

In this example, on any issue labeled not-this-product, GitHub Actions will create a new comment with the create_comment text that you've provided. You can customize the on_label and create_comment strings to be anything you wish. Best of all, since the comment ends with [/send], Yetto delivers this comment as an email directly to the user! Since Yetto also tags every incoming issue with its own label (named Yetto), you could also set up the automation to immediately respond to users to let them know their message was received.