Assigning Issues

GitHub allows users to assign issues to themselves or to other members of the team. For support teams, this is a useful way to ensure that support requests are answered and users are taken care of.

Assigning yourself to an issue

When taking a ticket from a support queue, it is often useful to assign yourself to that ticket. This let's you find it in searches for your own tickets, and allows you to keep track of your work in the queue.

Assigning during triage

Some teams prefer using a triaging process, where one or more members of the team go through the unassigned tickets in the queue and give them labels and assignments. The person doing the triaging should have a good sense of what each person on the team is good at answering, or what tickets everyone should be working on, so they can assign tickets to people on the team evenly and appropriately. This way, other people on the team only need to focus on the tickets that have been assigned to them and won't be distracted by tickets as they come in. It can be a good way to keep a support queue organized, and is a good five or ten minute break every hour or two, depending on the volume of incoming tickets your team has.

Handing off tickets

When your shift ends or you will be away from the queue for a long period of time, it is a good idea to unassign your tickets or assign them to someone else on the team. For teams that tend to focus on assigned tickets, this keeps them from getting lost when people go home or go on vacation.