If your team is using an email inbox to manage customer communication, you are probably finding it difficult to manage:

  • Emails get lost or slip through the cracks.
  • It isn't clear who is responsible for responding to what.
  • Internal discussion happens in separate threads or a separate tool altogether.

Yetto can help solve this problem without moving to a new support ticketing system.

How Yetto Works

When you link Yetto to a GitHub repository, your users can open GitHub issues via your support email address, and you can send updates to people who don't get GitHub issue notifications. Yetto is useful in a number of cases, including supporting products with private repositories.

Yetto is a great solution for teams who:

  • Do most of their work in GitHub
  • Are familiar with GitHub's communication features
  • Want to streamline customer communications without adding an additional tool to sign in to

Once your support emails are in GitHub, you can manage your workflow with the same processes you're accustomed to – internal mentions, linking to other issues and pull requests, labels, and milestones. Yetto lets you respond to your users directly from the GitHub issue using a [/send] command at the end of the issue comment.

For more details about the GitHub features you can use to maximize your support workflow, see "Using Yetto". Or, read through the documentation provided in the sidebar for more details.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!